Moss Kena - Square One

Holly Blakey explores the shifting balance of relationships and the misplacement of power in her video for rising artist Moss Kena.

The director and choreographer blends an abstract psychological drama into a dance performance, with her lead performer (Breanna Box) palpably in the aftermath of a traumatic end-of-relationship event, and looking to find herself again.

"Ambiguity, and the idea that we never find where power truly lies, is at the heart of this new video," says Holly Blakey. "Power moves on and on – nobody knows where it stops or where it began.”

The track Square One marks the beginning of mysterious artist Kena’s more public career having come up through the Soundcloud underground. The song that is visualised by this strong performance as Kena explains: "It is really about trying to learn from your mistakes. This track marks the start of my next chapter."