Nowness - Wrecked

Rumors and realities about a sunken time bomb are woven in a lo-fi snapshot of a British island.

Director Joseph Delaney turns his lens on the Isle of Sheppey—an island off the northern coast of Kent, England—in this portrait of a World War II shipwreck packed with live ammunitions. Here, London-based Delaney offers some insight into his reflective film:     

"A few years ago while walking along the beach in Sheppey, I noticed something sticking out of the water and was told the story of a ship—the SS Richard Montgomery—that sank during WWII. The ship was supposedly full of explosives that, if disturbed, would create a wave that would engulf the island." 

"Over the years the story would come up again and again, as though everyone I spoke to had grown up with this impending sense of doom. Accessible only via a single bridge and a strange mix of quiet suburban neighbourhoods and untouched rural landscapes, being on the island can feel like you’re at the edge of the earth.  "The film is a mixture of footage scavenged from old phones, interviews with locals, shooting from days spent exploring the most-secluded spots on the island, and one chance expedition to the wreckage by boat."