SUZY WOO a film by Jake Jelicich | Music by NOIRE

A film by Jake Jelicich

Music by NOIRE

Suzy Woo is a hazy daydream set on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.

Part video portrait, music video and abstract documentary, it follows Australian model Suzy Woo in the month leading up to her leaving her hometown.

It'd been a while since I picked up a camera and made something abstract and personal, so I set out to bottle the nostalgia and memories of Australia my wife and I missed since living and working overseas.

We originally set out to shoot more of a fashion film, but quickly realised we were capturing so much more through the lens. Suzy had just turned 18 and was about to leave her hometown for Sydney, to figure out what exactly she wanted to do and who she wanted to be.

She took us to a carpark her and her friends used to always hang out at, her favourite beach, and showed us around her hometown. We left the designer clothes we had shipped in for her to wear in the car and instead shot her in her own clothes.

We shot over multiple days and waited for the sun to be exactly where we wanted it in each location. The modern Alexa mini stripped down to resemble something closer to a home video camera with 1950's lenses.

I found myself looking through the lens at familiar landscapes in a completely different way, fresh eyes from living in London.

Buried deep underneath the dreamy score by Australian artists NOIRE, is a conversation I had with Suzy while were lingering at a location.

The audio mumbles in the background, the same level as the birds and the waves, as we talk about what she'd like to do in life, her favourite spots in her backyard, and things she'll miss.

It's a nostalgic and special film to me, and I hope it gives you the feeling of a hazy daydream on a hot summers day in Australia.

  • Jake